Welcome to the page with online games in the adventure genre!

Here you will find an overview of some of the most fun and exciting games that will allow you to explore virtual worlds, solve puzzles and enjoy adventures with friends.

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Minecrass 23

Minecrass 23 is a game where you can build, explore and survive in a huge open world. The main goal of the game is survival, but you can also build to your liking, explore mysterious locations and interact with other players online.

Territori Dory

Territori Dory is a 2D game that combines elements of adventure games, action games and adventure games. In the game you explore the world, fight monsters, find treasures and build various structures. You can also play in co-op mode with friends online.

Starbound game

Starbound game is a sandbox adventure game in which you travel through space, explore planets, fight enemies and build your base. The game offers plenty of exploration and creation options, and also supports multiplayer mode.

Journey RASS

Journey RASS is a colorful and atmospheric game in which you go on an exciting journey through the desert to reach the top of a mysterious mountain. Online you can meet other players and explore the world together.


This is just a small overview of the online adventure games available to play right now. Whether you're interested in construction, exploration, or space adventure, you're sure to find something to suit your tastes in this exciting genre. Immerse yourself in virtual worlds and start your own adventures today!